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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pregnancy Survey 29 Weeks

How far along? 29 Weeks 4 days  (1/22)
Total weight gain/loss:I weigh 209 and it hasn't changed in three weeks (thank heavens!)

Maternity clothes? Still a dumb question, maternity clothes, yes, duh!

Stretch marks? I've noticed one or two more, but really not bad

Sleep: It depends on the day, but I can be going to bed at 3 or 4 in the morning and still be up around 9:30, and then not getting to sleep again until Aidan & Aislynn's naptime

Best moment this week:Hearing my blood pressure is dropping, but that can change really fast

Movement: Most definitely, she loves to move especially at night

Food cravings: Not really anything specifically except Wendy's new sea salt homemade fries (my husband is strict on how many I can have ;(  ), I'm hungry all the time and still having to take nausea meds

Gender: A little girl, Rhiannon Brielle Adelaide

Labor Signs: Having contractions every day, some days worse than others but not enough of them to go to L&D, at least not since last Saturday, when I'm not contracting I'm having menstrual like cramps (yuck)

Belly Button in or out? Almost an outie

Wedding rings on or off? Not even a possibility for my rings to fit

What I miss: Feeling great and having energy to even just get out of bed

What I am looking forward to: All the suffering to be over and to have my beautiful daughter in my arms

Weekly Wisdom: Don't be afraid to ask your Dr questions about anything, they are there to help you

Milestones: Having to go to the hospital for labor, taking three hours to stop them and still having them all week, lots of cramping, but a good milestone is I've made it to 29 weeks without actually having the baby and my blood pressure has gone down. Maybe it will stay down.

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