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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Interesting Twists of Life

There has been a few new twists in this crazy Army Momma's life and I'm not particularly sure if I like them very much. Well, its been no big secret that this pregnancy has certainly been a very long series of trials for my family, me and just everything in general really. I've done the on again and off again bedrest bit (which really isn't as great as it might seem), the fear of a miscarriage with the spotting during first trimester and the never ending nausea, to name just a few things. But the further my pregnancy with our daughter has progressed there have been a variety of new and frustrating issues. None of my other pregnancies were easy by any means, I mean I ran a very real risk with my son of losing a kidney and had to undergo all kinds of not so great things to fix that. Now Aislynn's pregnancy itself wasn't too bad, still with the sick, passed a few kidney stones, but then there was the going into labor 6 weeks early and spending a week with her in NICU. Then the months of oxygen that followed.

The first sign of trouble with this pregnancy was the spotting, but it was so mild that they really weren't too worried (obviously still a worry for me with having had three miscarriages). Then we discovered I think it was just before 20 weeks that I have placenta previa. For those of you who might not know what that is, it's where the placenta is sitting over top of the cervix and it can be partial, a little bit and complete. So, I had to come back for another ultrasound around 24 weeks to see if it moved (usually they do as your uterus expands). Unfortunately, that was not the case for me since it appeared to be a complete placenta previa (still could move but the likelihood is slim to none). This means that even if I hadn't decided to have a repeat c-section, I would have to have one due to the risks of death for both Rhiannon and I. It also means taking it easy and with toddlers that's really tricky, but I've managed.

Then there is the horrifically awful weight gain and the incredibly painful swelling of hands, feet and legs. Now, I understand weight gain is most certainly going to occur with growing a baby inside of you, but when by like 24 weeks I'd gained nearly thirty pounds its really depressing. I now weigh over 200lbs, which is the heaviest I've ever weighed. Its mostly water weight which is kind of relieving, but still rough every time I get on the scale at the Dr's office and see the numbers go up.

Migraines have also been a massive plague to me, which sucks but I was diagnosed with them a while back so it isn't too surprising to have them now. But last week there was a fairly drastic change in the intensity of the migraines and a massive increase in swelling. I was concerned about pre-eclampsia and so I called the Dr's office. They wanted me to come in that same day and get my blood pressure checked. Then they could better decide what to do next. Long frickin' drive to town (though that is no fault of anyone but myself, good Drs and hospitals are worth it to me), I got there and we found my blood pressure was kind of high for me (134/80) and I normally run 100/60. So, I had to do this 'real great' 24 hour urine test and then get my blood drawn.

So, I had to wait over the weekend for the test results, which I was going to get at my appt that was technically yesterday (seeing its after midnight). Monday night I started having contractions and I was a little worried, but after a hot soak bath I had one more and then nothing. Thank heavens! So, we went to see the Dr for my 28 week appt and I admit by this point I was nervous, wondering what was going to happen. Luckily I weighed in at the same weight as last week (which was a relief). Then on to all the fun of the actually appt. My blood pressure was still elevated at 120/80. This is where my life takes the most crazy and stressful twist. My tests all showed slight elevation in things (what exactly I'm not sure), but being elevated means having to do those stupid tests every couple weeks and praying that things won't escalate into full out pre-eclampsia.

So, now I have to see my Dr once a week, go to Labor & Delivery for a check up on blood pressure and the baby. Oh and bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. I'm seriously praying that God will send me miracle help so that I can actually do my bedrest the way the Dr wants. It isn't modified bedrest this time, he wants me to be strictly in bed and I'm not sure how to do that with toddlers. I hate asking for help, but what choice do I have. We'll see what my LDS ward can do to help me, even a little bit of help is better than none at all. The goal of all of this is to get Rhiannon to 34 weeks (6 weeks a way) and if we can make it till then, then our next goal will be 37 weeks. At that point we'll do the c-section. (kind of nice not having to be pregnant for quite as long.) I also had to get the steroid shots to speed up the development of her lungs. I had the first one yesterday and I have to get one more later today. Plus do the 'oh so wonderful' glucose test. Yeah for me! Not!

So, that is my interesting twists of my life. What new Misadventures await me? If anybody has any suggestions for me to make life easier, getting to actually have bedrest, I really am all ears. I'm sorry I've gone on so long, but I needed to get it all out. Plus what a great way to remember things then to write them shortly after they happen. Now with this whole bedrest thing maybe I can actually do more blogging than I have been.

Alright now, I'm off to bed. I have a lot to do in the morning. Goodnight all!

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