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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pregnancy Survey 26 Weeks

How far along? 26 Weeks  (12/29)
Total weight gain/loss:I'm going to be honest, I weigh 198lbs and I started at 163. Its so depressing watching all this weight jump aboard, but I'm really starting to believe the Dr in that its mostly water weight. I'm not up for very long before I start having sausage toes and last Sunday we spent some time with our families for Christmas, by the time we got home I could barely walk due to my feet & thighs being so swollen. Needless to say I spend as much time as possible with my feet propped up.

Maternity clothes?Definitely

Stretch marks? I have a couple right above my belly button and new ones (that are small) on the sides of my boobs. Yeah for stretch marks or rather not!

Sleep: Even with all the sleep I'm getting I'm still always exhausted. Part of it is obviously pregnancy related, but the other part is all the meds I have to take to make life bearable. Meds for nausea and for migraines, and I even take something for anxiety.

Best moment this week: MY sweet little Aidan wanted to know the other day on our way into town if we were going to go see the baby. I think he understands more than most 2 1/2 year olds.

Movement:Oh yes. She kicks me every time I cuddle with my husband in our bed. I don't know if it means she likes the extra heat or if she's telling us she doesn't and she's squished. This is my favorite part about being pregnant, I love feeling them move inside.

Food cravings: Cheese, the last couple days its been cookies & creme candy, cheese sandwiches

Gender: A little girl, Rhiannon Brielle Adelaide

Labor Signs: Lots of cramping but nothing else, still worried about having an early delivery

Belly Button in or out? Still just alittle shy of an outie

Wedding rings on or off? Not even a possibility for my rings to fit

What I miss: Energy!

What I am looking forward to: Being done and enjoying our little girl in our arms!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't be afraid to ask your Dr questions about anything, they are there to help you

Milestones: Aside from being like two weeks shy of third trimester. We also learned something at my last appt, I have complete placenta previa. This will make a c-section a must (which is fine since we'd already decided that was the route we wanted) and can be potentially risky to Rhiannon and I. I do believe that it also means my c-section will be done earlier than 39 weeks in order to keep me from going into labor on my own (loads of health risks).

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