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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 in Photos

Sorry this thing is going to be really full of photos, but its easier at the moment than writing it all out. Besides you'd all rather see my kids than hear me talk! Enjoy!

He didn't very while on Santa's lap this year! He was quite excited.

 Aislynn on the other hand walked up to him and decided to book it the other way. We did manage to get her to cooperate, she just wasn't sure what to make of this man with the big beard.
The kids were so excited to help put presents under the tree.

Christmas PJs, a Christmas Eve must!

 Buzz Lightyear PJs and Aidan was in heaven.

End result!

 Helping make Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve. He wanted to be such a big boy and do it all himself, however that proved to be unproductive. Aislynn just wanted to eat the dough! (Takes after me!)

 Aidan helps Aislynn press the cookie cutter down. So cute!

Let the cookie frosting begin!

Christmas morning and boy what a stash of goodies from Santa!

Aidan in a Christmas box compliments of Uncle Duane and cousin Devon

Playing in the snow for the first time ever! They were pretty excited, but only made it about 10 mins out there! Unfortunately it wasn't the kind of snow we could build a snowman with. Darn! We were looking forward to using our new snowman kit.

He hates having his picture taken, but this is my sexy husband out with the kids.

They were having such a blast!

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  1. Hello Michele! It looks like you guys had a great holiday. Thank you so much for the gift! I'll be thinking of you today as I'm off to Barnes & Noble today to get some good books.
    Alison @