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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pregnancy Survey 22 Weeks

How far along? 22 Weeks 1 Day (12/2)
Total weight gain/loss: Ok, I really don't enjoy the fact that this pregnancy I have been packing on the weight. The Dr says its water weight, I have been a lot more swollen then in my previous pregnancies, that being said at my last appt last week I had gained 13lbs in four weeks. I've gained a grand total of 28 pounds and I want to cry!

Maternity clothes? There is no way getting around it these days, none at all

Stretch marks? I think I found my first one this pregnancy on top of all the others

Sleep: Well, as of the last couple of days I sleep 15+ hours. I'm exhausted all the time and am still being plagued by migraines.

Best moment this week: Hearing my two year old say Mommy's having a baby and she's sick. Its his way of connecting the fact that because of the baby I've been more under the weather. My one year old pointed to my tummy earlier today and said baby. Not sure she knows what that means, but it still made me very excited.

Movement: Constantly, she is active at night (Thanks, Rhiannon! Mommy would love to sleep!)

Food cravings: Egg nog, cheese

Gender: A little girl, Rhiannon Brielle Adelaide

Labor Signs: Thank heavens no, but I still am worried after Aislynn came 6 weeks early

Belly Button in or out? Barely an innie

Wedding rings on or off? I wish I could still wear them, I hate not having them on. Stupid fat fingers

What I miss: Feeling great all the time

What I am looking forward to: To getting to hold my daughter in my arms and see my other two kids with her.

Weekly Wisdom: Be careful of what you eat, because it can add extra weight!

Milestones: Being a little over half way done with the pregnancy and closer to welcoming my daughter into the world

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  1. sorry I have been so outta touch!! So excited that you are a little over halfway done! WOO!