In a world with a 4 year old, a 3 year old, a 16 month old, a 3 month old and two soldiers you never know what misadventures await. Life is always springing the unexpected and I want to share them with you. Welcome to my world.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome To the World Check-Up

 Isn't he so cute? I kind of hate how I have missed out on these sweet moments where the baby gets their first official sponge bath and checked out. But luckily I have an amazing Husband who takes pictures of these sweet moments so I can enjoy them too. 

Can you see his red hair in the last photo? I was delighted that he was a red head. I had a dream about a month before he was born that he had red hair when he was born. I'm glad it came true!

I love my sweet boy!


  1. Congratulations on your new baby! He is adorable. :-)

    1. Thanks Jen! He's getting so big now, I wonder where my tiny guy went! Lol!