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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The One With A Birthday

I suppose I'd better get this out in the Universe and all, but today is my birthday. Now it seems back in the day I couldn't wait for it to be my birthday and now days not so much. You probably remember how it was, you couldn't wait to be 16 and learn how to drive (and in my case date). Then it was I couldn't wait to be 18, to be an adult and make adult decisions (of course now, we want the clock turned back to when life was far simpler). Next was 21 because you could legally drink and go into casinos, you know 'that' sort of thing. (Kind of a rebel stage for me, we went to Vegas for a day while on our honeymoon and it was nice not worrying about being ID'd) After that then it kind of tapers off cause then its a count down to 25, you know the whole 'Quarter of a Century' thing. Then it only gets worse from there 30, 40, etc you start counting in tens rather than all the numbers in between. You get to have your over the hill birthday party, counting the days til you can retire.

So really as you can see it just isn't all fun and games anymore. Now I've obviously not hit the 'Over the Hill' stage in life, but I'm now only a few years shy of turning 30 and in some ways its really depressing. Last year I didn't even want to celebrate my birthday, not having any friends to go out with or anyone who would plan a surprise party. Now that I'm an adult we don't really do family birthday parties anymore and even when we did half the time only about half of  my husband's family would show. My kids are too little to understand much more than their birthdays, so they constantly talk about their birthdays and they don't really sing happy birthday. So, I wanted to forget that it was even my birthday and let it go by as any other day would. I even prevented my birthday from showing on Facebook, because I didn't want a parade of birthday wishes from people who only cared or remembered because their Facebook page said it was my birthday. I wanted the wishes from people who really cared. Fat chance, right?

This year I'm trying to be more grown-up about it, although I'll probably still not do anything with anybody other than my Husband and kids. There won't be any cake or presents. I will get to go to our traditional birthday dinner to Tucanos, which if you've never been you are missing out. Wonderful array of meats cooked on a spit in Brazilian style and yummy salad bar. Its a little pricey, but sooo worth the money. Plus you sign up for their birthday club and you get a free meal with the purchase of another meal. Great for date night! I guess I can't really say no presents cause I got a combination present this year that includes our anniversary, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and my Birthday. I got an Ipod, a Nook Tablet and a really nifty ibaby monitor so I can see baby Fallon from my Ipod, where ever I can connect to WiFi. (I haven't yet tested its usefulness when we're not home, could be really cool ;) )

Like I said I'm trying to be a better sport about this whole birthday thing. I figured if I put it out into the universe that I couldn't hide and pretend it wasn't happening. Plus the truth of the matter is I'll still be getting a year older, might as well own up to it. You know what I'd love to do for my birthday, aside from be with my cute little family, I'd love to have a total girls day. The kind where I go out with my closest and best girlfriends, get manis & pedis, go to lunch somewhere yummy, maybe even have a spa day, go shopping (actually have money to spend), maybe an afternoon movie and get to enjoy myself without stressing about where my kids are at and please don't let them have broke something. Then end my day with dinner and a movie with the Love of my Life. That would be a perfect day.

Its a nice dream and maybe someday I'll get to enjoy all that. For now I'll just try to appreciate my four beautiful miracle kids and an amazing Husband, who loves me endlessly. And know that they love me and need me. So Happy Birthday to me! (Oh by the way, I still can't get my birthday to show on FB, go figure!)


  1. I always feel the same way about birthdays, but I hope you do have a good one!

  2. I have my birthday hidden on FB, too! I do not like attention on my birthday, but not because of my age...just because!

  3. That sounds like a great birthday day to me too! I hear that your 30's are some great years, so maybe we have something to look forward to anyways!

    1. Thanks Laura! It wasn't the worst birthday ever, but it wasn't the best either!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes ladies! It was an interesting day to say the least, full of sick kids and one sick birthday girl!