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Friday, November 25, 2011

18 Week Pregnancy Survey

How far along? 18 Weeks  (11/25)

Total weight gain/loss: I went down a pound this
week after the week before I had gone up a pound. I currently weigh 187

Maternity clothes? I really don't have too many options anymore. I could really use some new maternity clothes, maybe for Christmas

Stretch marks? Luckily I haven't really put on enough weight to see any new ones.

Sleep: I'm tired all the time and want to do nothing more than sleep. But I don't think I'm sleeping very well when I do.

Best moment this week: Feeling my sweet boy kick!

Movement: He's kicked a few times and I feel him quite a bit at night, he's a night owl like me

Food cravings: Potatoes (anyway I can have them), turkey sandwich with mayo & mustard

Gender: It's official, he's a boy!

Labor Signs: I had a braxton hicks the other day, but it was one and nothing I was worried about

Belly Button in or outie? Its still an innie

Wedding rings on or off? I managed to get my engagement ring back on, but I can't wear my wedding band. :(

What I miss: Not having nearly so many migraines. When I was first diagnosed with Chronic Migraines the Dr at the time told me I probably would never want to get pregnant since my migraines would get worse while pregnant. My first pregnancy I didn't have a single one, I had a few with  my second and a few more with the third, but this pregnancy takes the cake with migraines. I'm going on almost a week with my current one and not finding much relief.

What I am looking forward to: Holding my sweet son in my arms!

Weekly Wisdom: I know I've said it lots before, but if you have any question about a symptom you're having or a worry then don't hesitate to call the Dr.

Milestones: I have been IV-less and NJ tube-less for almost a month now!

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