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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The One With the 8th Anniversary

I know it has been a long time since I last posted, but life continues to be one adventure after another and not necessarily all good ones. My kids grow bigger everyday and I try to enjoy each milestone & change with them. My health has continued to be an ongoing battle and I struggle to do the simplest & most basic things. Its hard to tell anyone about what I'm going through since most just don't understand. I feel guilty that my health impedes the care of my home and most especially my kids. I mentally beat myself up over it and I think about all the things I can't do. I was given a special Priesthood blessing back in February (its a special blessing or prayer given by worthy men who hold the Priesthood keys in my Church) that told me 'Don't worry about you can't do, but be grateful for what you can.' As I had not mentioned my worries to anyone but my Husband, it hit me hard knowing that God knew what was troubling my heart most and gave me the simplest, yet sweetest advice to bring me comfort. I try to remind myself of those words every day or every time I start to stress about all that I lack the ability to do. I know that life may not always be this hard, but it could be. My conditions are not ones that are likely to go away, but I hope to find things to lessen the symptoms, so I can lead a more normal life!

Anyway, on to more happy things! ;) Pixie turned 3 back at the beginning of March, we had a party for her at my parent's since my husband was gone for some training, but we went and did fun things after he got back to celebrate. I can hardly believe she has gotten so big and yet is so small. No one believes she's that old based on how tiny and petite she is. How little I knew that her nickname picked before she was born would suit her so well. Fallon turned 2 at the beginning of April and actually got a pretty cool present on his birthday; a new baby cousin. My sister delivered her baby girl via c-section after long hours of good steady labor that wasn't helping her progress. I think she totally agrees that her sweet little girl was well worth it!

My Husband and I celebrated our 12th year together as a couple & our 8th year married! I can hardly believe how the time has flown. We haven't always had it easy, but we have grown stronger together and I certainly love him more today, then I did when we first got married. He is so amazing and strong. He takes good care of me and our kids, especially as I cannot always take care of myself. I couldn't be more proud of this amazing man and I am looking forward to an eternity together!

I know there is so much more to catch you all up on, but I must get some sleep so I can make it to my MRI appt in the morning. Good night all!

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