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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where 2013 Takes Me

I only had two goals for 2013 and really they encompass so much, that they could be headers for a multitude of mini goals. But for me its easier to just keep it at the two and see where they take me. Now mind you its two goals and  not two New Year's resolutions, because I can never seem to keep New Year's resolutions, so I felt if I made them goals maybe I'd have better results. Lol!

The first goal was to get healthy. Like I said really broad, but the plan is to get my health back on track. A big part of that is no surgeries in 2013! I'm already almost a month into the year and no plans for any surgeries (there isn't much left for them to take out! *Knock on wood!*) I have plans to lose weight and get back into shape. I've gotten kind of flabby over the last five years, you know four kids & 7 abdominal surgeries is all!

But those all kind of feel like they're on the back burner at the moment. I think my priority is to figure out what's going on with my body. I started having days with some pretty bad body aches, aches that are everywhere, but have focal points in my lower back, my hips, my knees, my neck. So bad I can't sleep and I toss & turn, crying out. My poor hubby has to endure it on the nights he's actually home, poor guy. I'm so exhausted from poor sleep, but a general drained out feeling. So I had some x-rays done of my one knee and I'll be doing some blood work this week. My Dr is checking for any autoimmune diseases and osteoarthritis. And if nothing pops up there, then it may mean I have Fibromyalgia. Something my Dad was diagnosed with some time ago. So everybody keep me in your prayers!

My other goal is to be a better me!  I know, I know. Another very broad goal, but its a valid one. I want to become a better mommy, wife, student, quilter, writer and just a better me! I want to feel more comfortable with who I am. All the time I've been sick and even now while I have more bad days then good, I have drawn into myself and become a recluse. I hate it! I used to have fun and want to be out doing fun things. I want to be the fun mom who takes my kids to do fun things. I want to be the wife who romances the socks off my hubby and doesn't have to be taken care of all the time. I just want to be a better me!

Anyway, those are my goals. We'll see where 2013 takes me!

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