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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Projects To Keep Me Sane

Well, its true. I pull out the beautiful sewing machine my Beloved Grandma left me and I get lost in the world of seams and figuring out how to do one thing or another. I love it, although I hate that I currently work on all my sewing projects on the floor between my bed and a set of bookcases. Its cramped and uncomfortable, but I still have made a few things for some clients, for friends really as I've gotten to know each of them through the process of working on each project, each gift for them. I've made two carseat covers, a set of matching burp cloths and a ruffled tote bag over the last month & a half. I've made upteen number of mistakes, unpicked a multitude of stitches, wondered more than a time or two 'Should I have done that different' and just had fun adventuring in the world of self-taught sewing. Here are some photos for you all to enjoy. I'm enjoying watching my hobby/business starting to come to life. Its a nice feeling!

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