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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two Amnios...

I wasn't sure what to expect at my appt. I was frustrated and plain miserable. At this point there was starting to be concern for my safety and welfare, as well as the baby's. Fallon was managing to pinch off my right ureter, preventing my kidney from draining and causing hydronephrosis or swelling due to backed up fluid. Occasionally he'd move off it to give some temporary relief, but it wouldn't be long before he'd be pinching it off again. Another concern was back around 28 weeks I'd begun to have pain and discomfort in my c-section scar. This could potentially be the sign of the site beginning to split or rupture, which could be life threatening to myself as well as Fallon. It was due to the fact that my two pregnancies were close together.

My Dr was decidedly concerned for our safety and didn't want me to go too much past 35 weeks, not to mention if I were to go into full blown labor it could also cause a rupture. So at my appt that Monday he told me that he wanted me to have a second amnio (much to my dismay) the following morning. He felt sure that Fallon's lung maturity would be sufficient enough to take him Tuesday afternoon. I was elated. I felt quite sure that he'd be ready to go. The Dr said he'd take him if his score was 40 or above.

So, I came in the next morning ready to endure this test once more. The ultrasound tech was super sweet and kept talking to me as we went through the same steps as before. We talked about my other kids and she talked about her little girl, whom they adopted. It was nice having someone be so bubbly and friendly to talk to. She was able to find a spot in the lower left side, right below the placenta and she quickly went to find the Dr.  (There's always the chance the baby could move and force us to find a new pocket of fluid.) The Dr came in and he quickly did the procedure. It went a lot faster and after he'd drawn the fluid, he'd told me that the fluid looked like his lungs might be pretty close to being mature, if not actually mature. He said the more cloudy the fluid the more mature the lungs were.

He wished me good luck and sent me up to Labor & Delivery to be monitored once again. I was having some cramps and contractions, but not enough to worry them. The last amnios results had taken almost two hours to come back, but this time about 15 mins after the nurse was done putting my info into the computer, my Dr came in. He told me that my little guy was just too comfy to come out. The score was now in the low 30s and he just didn't feel comfortable taking him yet.

I was disappointed, but I handled it much better this time. He said had the score been at least 40 he would have taken him, but since it wasn't we needed to wait. He told me he was very surprised to see that the score wasn't higher. He wasn't going to make or allow me to go past 37 weeks. So we scheduled my c-section for the following Friday, April the 6th. He'd have scheduled me sooner, but he was going out of town.

So, it was set. Unless, I went into labor before then we would welcome our son on the 6th. It felt like an eternity to get to that day. 10 days! I ended up in Labor & Delivery the next Monday with contractions. And although I was having them every two to three mins, I wasn't actually dilating, so they sent me home. I was kind of disappointed, but at the same time I wanted my Dr to deliver my last baby. So, I continued to wait til Friday came.

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