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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trips to the Zoo

Since summer began we've been twice to the local zoo. My kids have absolutely loved it. We even dragged my brother & sister-in-law plus their new baby with us on the 4th of July when military got in free. I think the two things, I guess make that three things my kids have loved the most during bIoth visits were the tigers, the wolves and the dinosaurs. Yes, you heard me right dinosaurs. This summer is their Zoorassic event. They have 13 animatronic dinosaurs spread throughout the zoo and boy, do my kids love them. Especially the ones that spit water. I have some fun pictures.

The coolest story from both trips to the zoo actually involve the wolves. In all the years I've lived in Utah and been to the zoo here I have never seen the wolves awake and moving. Sad, but true. I love to tell people about a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo when I was a kid, where on their mile & a half wolf walk and there were no wolves to be seen. My sister, J, was a tiny newborn and she suddenly decided to let out a mighty wail and suddenly there was a wolf within a few feet of the fence pacing. Then other wolves began popping up all over the place. She'd brought out the Mama Wolf. I remember that all these years later and how cool that was. We have a pure breed Malamute and we have a Wolamute (1/4 wolf and 3/4  Malamute), so I decided the first time we went to zoo this summer to see if I could call out the wolves by making the same noises I use with my dogs. Within about 2 mins we suddenly had a male wolf pacing the fence and he'd come out of nowhere. Yeah, me! We decided that he could smell our female dogs on us and both dogs were getting ready to go into heat.

Well our second visit to the zoo, I tried to do the same thing and sadly it didn't work, but after standing their ten minutes Rhiannon started babbling and suddenly the female wolf was down by the fence line pacing. I don't know what it is, but we have lots of luck with the wolves. We had so much fun! My kids keep asking to go back to the zoo. We'll see, but I do want to make a winter visit since the animals will be way more active. ;)

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