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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Another week has gone by and I'm still pregnant. Against all odds and expectations I have reached 34 weeks. Though my Dr told me today that I'll do my Amnio test next Wednesday morning and should be able to schedule my c-section for either that afternoon or early Thursday morning! Hurray! Of course he pointed out that he honestly doesn't expect me to make it another week, he said he would like to see me do so, but at this point with all the cramping and contractions he doesn't expect me to.

Can I just tell you what a relief it is to finally have fairly set in stone plans for getting our sweet little Rhiannon here. I hate arguing with my Dr, my husband and I feel like every other Tom, Dick or Harry about the importance of her staying in me for as long as possible. But look at it from my point of view: I'm on all kinds of meds between nausea, helping with migraines, stopping contractions, and anxiety, I want to be done being a 'Druggie.' I can't wait for the swelling to stop in my feet so I can walk and my hands so I can type on my computer for longer than ten mins or even hold things like my kids. The migraines have been horrific this pregnancy and where during my non-pregnancy moments I can take all kinds of good stuff to prevent and help with pain, but can't while I'm pregnant. It royally sucks.

I hate having no energy, even getting out of my bed and making the like 20 steps from point A to point B wears me out like I've been running a race. Let alone to make a trip into town for Dr appts and shopping trips. Twice now shopping at Walmart in the past two weeks, I've nearly passed out thanks to feeling so winded after ten mins of being there (as we all know you go into Walmart, you usually spend lots of time in there whether you planned to or not) and feeling incredibly light headed. I had to hold onto my Hubby's belt loop so I could keep up or rather so that he could slow down to my pace. Not to mention the lack of energy makes it so hard to spend time with my kids, I miss getting down on the floor to play barbies or Transformers, but it just isn't really possible at the moment. Plus Bedrest sucks, a lot.

Not to mention all of the pregnancy complications in and of themselves that put Rhiannon & I at risk. You would think that they'd want to take her before those complications decide to rear their big ugly heads. You know do the c-section before the bleeding starts or I actually start to go into labor which can cause bleeding among so many other problems. But no, all I've heard for the past couple weeks is 'We have to do what's best for your baby.' But what about what's best for Mommy? Or better yet what's best for us both. Dr's are very set in their ways of thinking and its rather difficult to bring them around to your way of thinking. I do love my Dr, hands down, but I've been rather frustrated with him over the last few weeks. Maybe its all those raging hormones running rampant in my fat, pregnant body.

Anyway Dr appt went well, actually have plans in the works. I didn't gain any new weight over the last week which was so exciting to see. Normally I wouldn't mind so much the weight gain cause I'm pregnant and have a baby growing in me, but when the fact that your first pregnancy you gained 22lbs and the the second you gained 30, and then you have this one where at this point I have gained a grand total of 53lbs. I weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life and it sucks. I cannot wait to work all that weight off and be alot closer to my ideal weight. But it'll be a while. My blood pressure was a little high at 122/74 vs my normal 100/60, it could be worse but who likes to see the numbers go up? (Well, I guess unless its money numbers going up that you're getting paid. ;) )

Perhaps this is TMI but I think I had some bloody show earlier this evening and have proceeded in getting just a little bit more crampy and achy. I hope this means that I'll start to go into labor and can go to L&D knowing full well that I'm going to be having my baby vs the whole maybe I will, maybe I won't. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Well, that's my newest update. I'll keep you all informed as things happen. Night all!

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