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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The First 5 Months in Photos

Life has been absolute chaos here and its going to stay that way for at least another month, then maybe it will slow down for a little while before the holidays. (Ok, so that might be wishful thinking) Anyway, I've slacked on keeping updated pictures of sweet Fallon, our Baby Dragon, on here. So, here are some pictures to chronicle his first 5 months, since the 6th he turned 5 months old. Where has all the time gone?

Moments after birth. (Can you see his very red hair?)
This is a few hours later, my sweet baby with my beloved Grandma. She passed away 6 days later!

April 10th, going home day-4 Days Old
April 18~12 days My cute little bunny
April 18~12 days old with his Proud Big Sister Aislynn
April 21~15 days with Great Aunt Ginger the day of Grandma's funeral

April 22~16 days with Great Grandma for the 1st time
April 22~16 days with his Great Grandpa for the 1st time
May 4~ 2 days shy of a month old

May 5~ 1 month

One Month

May 19~ 1 Month 13 days His first trip to the Zoo (and an exclusive photo of me, lucky you)

June 29~2 Months 23 days Nearly 3 months and his first trip to the Children's Museum
June 29~ Didn't like sitting on the giant plastic horse very much
Aug 24~ 4 Months 18 days His first trip to the pool

Boy, is Fallon a little fish!

He wasn't bothered by how cool the water was!
Aug 23~Such an expressive little guy!

So Happy all the time!
Him & Pixie, so cute together!
As always more pictures to come!

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