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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An End in Sight

I know how few and far between my posts have become these days. I really thought that being on bedrest would give me tons of extra time to blog and craft away, but the reality is that it hasn't. I still have to take care of my three wonderful (although sometimes little monsters ;) ) kids. This week we managed to arrange for more help with the kids from members of our Church, and once we get to actually utilize all the help, things will get to be easier. I hope. And I hope that I will perhaps find more time to write, which I so love to do.

Since I wrote the other day, I've been into Labor & Delivery once again. It makes four visits aside from the two that I made to get the betamethazone shots. This time I thought for sure we'd be having a baby. I'd been contracting on and off for the last day and a half, but nothing incredibly regular. But around four o'clock they started to become more regular and I really started to monitor them. I told my Hubby to go to work, but be prepared for us to be making a trip into town. Sure enough, by seven o'clock I'd been having them for two hours and they were coming every ten mins.

By the time he picked me and the kids up, and we made the long drive into town I'd been contracting for four hours. I got to the hospital and things became chaotic. It had to be one of the worst visits to L&D I've had in a long time. At first the monitors didn't pick up any contractions, but she had to move the monitors to get Fallon back on there and then we started picking them up. I was having them every 2 to 5 mins and they sure hurt. Now the on call Dr had given instructions back when they weren't getting any of the contractions that they were to monitor me for an hour and if nothing showed up to give me tylenol and send me home. If contractions did show up, they were to do a Fetal Fibronectin test and check my cervix.

I got checked at this point and the nurse informed me that I was only a fingertip dilated, less than 40% effaced and back at station -3. Which if you remember from last Monday I was dilated 1 cm, 60% effaced and Station -1. I was confused by this apparent change, but realized that I was being checked by a different nurse from the last time and she probably wasn't  getting the same info as the others. I'm still inclined to believe that I'm a cm dilated since the last time I was checked by the on call Dr. So that was frustrating, but then we waited another couple hours for what to do next. We were waiting for the FFN test to come  back and my urine test. But it took 6 pages to the on call Dr to get her to respond. The response was then give her some terbutaline, pain killer and to drink lots of fluids. For although I had drank alot of water I was dehydrated.

After all that I got sent on my way. I was frustrated to the point of tears. We'd driven all that way and I felt like I was just being brushed off. I wish I knew when my Dr was on call cause then I'd go in when he was there. I think I'd be taken better care of since he knows my case and what not. I plan on talking to him this next week about having a better plan, I can't afford to make two and three trips a week to L&D, but I need to be taken care of and we still worry about Fallon not making it six more weeks.

Anyway that's my rant for the day. I'm sorry if it bores you, but I can't hold it in. The two days that have followed that visit, I've had no energy and lots of cramping & contractions. Nothing regular enough to worry about, but I told my Hubby that I would not be going to L&D tonight even I was contracting enough. I'd wait until morning and talk to the nurse in my Dr's office. But they are still fairly irregular and so I'm not too worried yet. I still will probably call tomorrow anyway and get an idea of what MY Dr wants. It seems that the terbutaline pills I've been taking aren't really helping me so much.

Anyway, let me think what else is going on in my house. Aidan and Aislynn both have colds, in fact Aislynn's eyes have been oozy and terribly looking. We plan on taking her in on Friday when we are going into town next. My parents are taking the kids for the weekend which will be nice. My kids adore Mama and Papa. And I'll be taking it easy doing whatever I want at my brother and sister-in-law's house. I'm even having maternity pictures taken on Sunday. I asked Christopher's sister if she'd do them and she actually agreed. Perhaps all the bad blood and feelings between us after all these years are finally subsiding. I'm both excited and nervous to do them. I've never done them before, but I figure with this being our last pregnancy I'd want to remember. I'll have to post some pictures up when they are done.

I'm currently planning a baby shower for my best friend who is having her first boy. Her sister-in-law and I are sharing in the duties. I'm excited for the shower and excited for my friend, her little girls will dote on their baby brother. Plus I've been stocking up on cute photo props so I can take Fallon's pictures, my friend's little guy and my cousin's little girl. I'm so excited to get to work on my hobby and have some fun pictures for everyone to enjoy.

Ok, I think I've used up all my writing energy for the night. I hope I haven't bored you all to tears. I'd love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions on how to brighten bedrest up or whatnot I'd love to know I do have an audience listening. Have a good night!

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